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PTSD - it did

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Good for you, hon. I know an important part of feeling like I was managing my depression/anxiety/ptsd was succeeding in graduate school. I had suffered through my entire undergraduate degree untreated, undiagnosed, and with no insight into the mental illness that constantly sabotaged my success and led to further depression. I ended up scraping by just barely (I had this terrible habit of doing an entire class, labs, tests, homework, etc. then not showing up for the final because I stopped for coffee on the way and then couldn't make myself leave the cafe. Yeah, that SUCKED!).

But before I started grad school, I finally found the right therapist for me and, even though my pdoc was an ass, the right medication combination. I remember telling my tdoc that I *needed* to be well enough to succeed or fail at grad school in my own right, not because of mental illness. It was a triumph to graduate with my masters with perfect grades and I credit it almost entirely to good therapy and the right meds (okay, I did a lot of work, too, but still...).

So, congratulations to you for managing your own health and healing well, and accomplishing what you set out to do. It's a huge success. I always say that, for people like us, it's like running to the race before we have to run the race, and it really is, especially with school. Our marathon is just getting to the starting line where everyone else begins, and then we have to do the regular work too.

I wish you continued success, hon.


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doesn't it feel GOOD? i'm on my third attempt at college & succeeding so far.

Antigone, i did a variation on what you did: i'd do everything, then the moment something was *late*, i'd just come to a complete stop: no classes, no studying, no labs, and not even show up for finals. i'd just come to an absolute halt.

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