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I've read all the threads, although retaining info is a bit hard for me at the moment. Writing myself notes all over the house to remember stuff.

I have a few questions that couldn't find answers to but I won't ask them all right now, cause wrote it all yesterday and was really happy with it.. then lost it all.

I'm just wondering how you know you've hit sweet spot with dosage? I've slowly gone up2 75, been there 4 over a week. I feel dopey but okay I guess compared to some , I'd like to try going up2 100 but i'm worried. I'm studying and I really need my brain.

If side effects at 100 r bad, how long before I should start to feel them? And if they are and I decide to taper back down, how long before they go away?

I should prob give more info but it's an effort at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And if this has already been covered, my apologies.

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I'm just wondering how you know you've hit sweet spot with dosage?

The answer to pretty much all of your questions besides that one is, "Well, it depends on the individual." Like with changing doses and side effects, I would notice them the next day, and they'd be mostly gone after three to four days and pretty much completely by the end of the week. Other people don't notice anything much for longer than that, or it takes longer to get used to the med, or any of a bunch of other variations. It'll probably be similar to other times you've increased it before to get to the point you're at now, though.

The legendary (maybe even mythical, at least for some people) "sweet spot" is harder to tell. Some people, but not all of them, notice a point where the med suddenly seems to both work better and have fewer side effects compared to lower doses. I guess you'd be able to tell by waking up one day and realizing that you mysteriously feel a lot better than you did at previous doses, and it keeps working that well, but I haven't really had that happen for me with a med before. Either they get along with me or they don't.

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