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Pyroluria and Elevated Kryptopyrrole

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Hi. I am cross-posting this over from Alternative Meds since it is related to schizophrenia more than anything...

These are excerpts from this link: http://www.kryptopyrrole.com/

The symptoms of excess urinary kryptopyrrole first manifest themselves as behavioral abnormalities. Although children tend to be more easily diagnosed than adults, the symptoms are consistent: poor tolerance of physical and emotional stress, mood swings, depression, sensitivity to light, noise and other tactile sensitivities. Later symptoms can range from severe depression to
chronic schizophrenia
. Accompanying physical symptoms can include pain, seizures, even complete physical debilitation.

...Pyroluria can be responsible for a wide range of behavioral conditions in adults, including chronic depression, paranoia, schizophrenia and even certain types of criminal behavior.

...The results were extraordinary:
There was a clear and measurable relationship between elevated urinary kryptopyrrole and patients exhibiting schizophrenic symptoms
. Although not a definitive test for schizophrenia, the results indicated that the presence of elevated urinary kryptopyrrole is often associated with clinical conditions characterized by schizophrenic patients.

Urinary Kryptopyrrole measurements are used to diagnose pyroluria...Your test collection kit(s) with everything you need shipped to you. ...Price:
50.00 USD

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