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Hi there. My name is AlarmClock and Im new here. I see these boards as a potential help in my struggle, and I need all the help I can get. Please, read on.

I started using drugs when I was young (early teens I suppose) and that may/may not be the cause of my current diagnosis, which is Schizoaffective disorder. I am on 750mg Epival, 10 mg Zyprexa, 1 mg Risperadol, and 300 mg Bupropion daily. Clonazapam "as needed" but I pop like ten at a time. I smoke cigarettes, and enjoy the odd drink and the odd puff of a joint... I know this probably doesnt help anything!

I cant seem to hold down a job (just got fired again) because I cant get my life straightened out. I sleep only if I have to, so I stay awake a a couple days at a time sometimes. Sleep just seems lke awaste of time. This too is likely causing problems.

I am REALLY wanting to develop a support network, both online and within my community; I am told this is very important. Now that Im fired I will have more time to focus on my mental health I suppose...

I keep missing my PDoc appointments. Its pissing me off, cause I need to see a shrink NOW. I feel all messed up inside and I know Im sick and I want HELP.

Other than that, for personal stuff, Im into heavy metal music and anthroplogy and archaeology. My big dream is to study Anth/Arch at the university level.

So thats me. I hope to hear back from you guys!!



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Hi Welcome!

Seems like you do have a heavy challenge. Please do your best to get back on your regular appointments with your Pdoc. It is NOT normal to stay up for days at a time. It sounds like the mania portion of Sz affective disorder is in controll right now. Don't let this situation go on, make arrangements to see your pdoc.

I read your interest as Heavy metal archeology at first glance. Heh.

Feel free to post, pm any of the mods if you need help.


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