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Is there room for one more?

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I stumbled upon this site while obsessively searching for info about my diagnoses and meds. This could be the best stumble I've ever tumbled into. After reading only a few posts I knew I wanted to move in, baggage and all.

I've been diagnosed with MDD, Bipolar II, OCD, Panic Disorder, and GAD. There might be others but my current meds affect my memory so that's the best I can come up with at the moment. Feel free to add whatever you suspect I've missed.

Throughout the day I munch on 40mg Prozac, 150mg Lamictal, 450mg Eskalith B.I.D., and 200mg Wellbutrin B.I.D. Add .5mg of Xanax PRN, and I'm full. Unfortunately, that diet makes my mouth drier than the Sahara and I lose my train of...train of...umm...what the hell was I just...? Thought! That's it. I lose my train of thought a lot.

Okay, enough for now. You seem like a great group of nutballs so I hope to fit right in. If I don't, that's okay too. I probably won't remember registering anyway.

Yours in neurosis,

-- Sara

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Hi Sara, and welcome to our cozy little nuthouse. Be sure to skim the rules (upper left-hand corner of your screen), and feel free to PM any of the mods if you don't understand something.

I hope you find the information you need. It's a great group of people.


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