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America's Next Top Model


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I just sent an email to the America's next top model people. I don't normally watch the show, but happened across it just in time to see the girls strutting around in straightjackets in a faux asylum complete with a 'nurse ratched'. Where do they get off? I mean, would they do a show where everyone was going down the runway in a wheelchair? i think not. But i guess it's okay to make fun of

crazy people?


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I find that strange, now that everyone's trying to be completely politically correct for fear of getting sued or what-not. My guess is that some of the people working on that show realized that this was a bad idea, but some important "sane" person just couldn't let go of the insane asylum theme...

Even so, I guess this does show that the mentally ill don't completely count as people yet... Hopefully, lots of people will complain--including many officially sane people--'cause our opinion probably wouldn't carry as much weight. Grrr...

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That pisses me off! I don't watch the show, so thanks for telling me. I really like Tyra Banks, from watching her talk show, but this makes me think less of her.

Just doing a quick Google search (I wanted to see if anyone else was outraged about it, without doing an extensive search), I found an interviewer who asked Kimberly (I don't know who the models are, but I'm just giving the name mentioned in the article), apparently a cast-off, how she felt "getting" to walk in that straitjacket. She makes it sound like it's a treat to wear a straitjacket!

Apparently, the episode was from October 3, 2007. Here's a person who didn't like it, either, and the blog post also offers some good tips on dealing with the stigma of mental illness: http://backacrosstheline.blogspot.com/2007...ess-stigma.html. (This led me to a fun little quiz, which I'll post in the "I Got the Good Stuff Here" section.)

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From the article cited above:

On October 3, "America's Next Top Model" featured contestants "perfecting their runway walk" while wearing straitjackets, as part of a competition to prove they can make it in "the high-stress, high-stakes world of supermodeling." The set was a mock, abandoned psychiatric ward and the modeling coach, dressed as a nurse, scolded them not to walk "like the former patients of this hospital."

I don't know. To me, it's OK to demonstrate that crazy people have a sexiness about them. I could see the issue from that angle.

(1) given the above description of what happened in the show


(2) knowing what you should know about straitjackets, what they represent and how they've been used over the centuries,

you think this is SEXY? ;)

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