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Hello to All

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Yes, this is my own brief five minutes of fame. Hello to all members of this excellent forum! I am Chris, 28 years old, and from the wonderful state of NJ (I'm thinking of moving to AZ because I am sick of the cold, among other things). I am currently on disability (have been since September, 2004), but the past six months have been a definite improvement, this being due to two additions/changes in the meds/supplements (one of which I am truly lucky for).

I forget what exactly I was looking for when I found this board (too much Lamictal?), but I know I found it through Google. Oh, yes, now I remember... I was looking for documentation on a new medication to present to my psychiatrist. Well, I got the medication, so that is a gigantic plus right there. I've spent some time looking around (as I always do for this type of forum), and the conclusion was that this is indeed a nice netizenity. The level of knowledge and insight of many members, plus my style of satirical humor, convinced me to join. I think I was particularly convinced reading the posts of AirMarshall and null0trooper.

Anyway, that is my five minutes of fame, until real world fame, of course... ;)

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