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When cutting just doesn't cut it

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Hi all,

First time using this section of the forum and I feel I should put some of these guys in just to be sure ;):):)

I have been SI'ing for about 5 years now, all in places where I can hide and I haven't told anyone about it.

Over the past month or so it has been particularly bad for me, SI'ing whenever I can, but all of a sudden a week ago the urge just stopped. It was really weird for me, five years of self harm then all of a sudden the urge to cut or burn just seemed like a really petty idea. That's good most people would say, but my thoughts have turned a lot darker, instead of wanting to pick up a knife and cut, I feel like running into a brick wall trying to break my arm, the pain of cutting and burning doesn't make me feel any better, it's like I am so used to it now there is no point, I feel like I want to take it to the next level.

apart from that there is no real point to this post, I just wanted to write it somewhere. Current medications I am on are not working, so I am going to be asking for a change next week, don't know if that will make much difference though.

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Med changes can be good, but do you have a tdoc that you can get a hold of for an emergency? I recommend callinghim/her now, and don't wait til you get to the next level. You may discover it wasn't what you were seeking, and could do serious harm to yourself.

Can you seeyour pdoc this week?

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