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Hi from a fellow survivor (ehh..i almost put sufferer there)

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Ahhhhemmm.....drumroll please......Hello! :) My name is Heather. I have been diagnosed with BP since I was a teenager. I was a freshman in high school to be exact. I have been struggling in this disorder for a while now...seeing as I am 26. I like to say I am a survivor for many reasons.

1) I am aware that I have a disorder that needs medication to function normally

2) I try to live life by this motto--You have bipolar, bipolar doesn't have you

3) I am alive and that's quite a feat for a bipolar sufferer who has had bouts of suicidal thoughts or attempts

4) and finally, I am aware of what mistakes I have made and try not to repeat them

Ahh...enough of the mumbo jumbo....here's who the heck I am.....lol

A mother of a wonderful 2 year old son. A wife to the most supportive and understanding man imaginable. A pretty funny ( or so I like to think I am) and sarcastic person. I love to laugh more than anything else in the world. Life is funny..laugh at yourself daily. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I live in "boring" Ohio and have lived here all my life. {Side note- my father is paranoid schizophrenic} I am so happy to have found a board that is so candid and utterly real. I hope to get to know all of you. Thanks for reading ;) Drop me a line anytime.

For those that yahoo IM I am usually on...luckywed05

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