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there hasn't been any new traffic in the springer section since 10/07 if i am reading things right.

yet the forum is still there.

it kinda makes me twitchy.

like there's a corpse lying in the middle of the room.

it's creepy.

every time i notice it still there i get this intense urge to file it appropriately somehow.

are there any plans to remove it/archive it/something it?

just curious/obsessing.

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Archives my friend. I believe they are leaving it up as read only in consideration of all those stories in there. I remember VE mentioning lopsided traffic due it's popularity, but the board software couldn't deal, hence the blogs.

Blogs = New Springer. But you probably knew that part.

At least, I think that's why it's still there...

edited to fix typo

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It's closed to new posts.

I've been slowly clearing out the threads with no responses in over a year. I'll likely remove the bored before a whole lot longer. A few people have informed me that they would like copies of their old threads so at some point I'll set up a copy of the boards somewhere with an old database backup so people can snag them.

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