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The Links Problem

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Okey doke. I'll try and describe this in a coherent way, but I have a nonlinear brain today.

I have no problem copying and pasting links. (Wait, that's relevant, I'm not just bragging on my godlike mouse prowess.)

On this board, but not on any of the other IP Board groups I am in, the links will "break" if I go back in to edit the text. I will put some posts below to illustrate the break. When the post is edited (or not) and then closed, the links all get " target="_blank added to them.

This happens on the Mac, the work XP laptop, and the home Linux laptop.

I have to then go in and hand-fix the links. When I save after THAT edit, the link is fine.

I've seen this happen to several other users, so it's not just me (damn it, it's not, I swear!)

Two posts to follow.

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Wait, are you coding your links? I don't think we need to code our links here.

Here's a direct link I pasted from another open window I have:

[link=http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/P24/"'>http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/P24/" target="_blank]http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/P24/[/link]

Seems to work. Try that?

Now of course, the fancy way would be:

[link=http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/P24/"'>http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/P24/" target="_blank]Museum of hoaxes[/link]

That's when you use that fancy "insert link" tab thingy. Does that help?

Edited for the fancy link.

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We don't need to code them into the text, I just do for readability. (I'm just using the button, not handcoding.)

Let me try something here.

If I just put [link=http://www.google.ca/"'>http://www.google.ca/" target="_blank]http://www.google.ca/[/link] in, let's see what happens if I edit, as opposed to putting [link=http://www.google.ca/"'>http://www.google.ca/" target="_blank]the same link embedded in the text[/link].

ETA: Huh. Looks like they both break (which is visible upon opening the window.)

The "Edit" phase seems to be the culprit.

For the record, I always use Full Edit.

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Yeah, I think your on to something with the Safari thing. And it's obvious you know waaaay more about coding than I. I'm more of a mucker.

Maybe ask Nal, or VE when they pop in? They are Mac Gods.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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Depending on which OS/browser I use, it variably adds %20 and %22, and it variably works.

In XP/IE running inside the Mac, the broken links do not work.

In Safari on the Mac, they take me to the "Sorry, we can't find that page" site on CBC.ca.

Anyway, it would be ideal to be able to edit a post and not foul up all the links, even if they kind of work sometimes...

and I know less than jack about coding, I just push the little green button and life is beeyootiful. ;)

Thanks for the other tests. I do know how to write a bug report, I really do, I'm just suffering from scrambled-egg brains today.

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This is a known issue that I found a while ago. It has nothing to do with what browser or OS you're using. IPB is just being crap. Heh. It's entirely caused by editing and/or quoting posts with links in them, although for what specific reason that happens, I don't know. Whether or not the broken links work or not when clicked on can depend on the browser and/or the site the targets of the links are on and how the server is configured.

IPB breaking links in edit mode is relatively new, but I've noticed it doing other crap when editing posts in the past that I never did check to see if it got fixed. It used to get rather angry about me trying to be clever and escaping characters in certain ways so they'd display properly. It would work when I'd first make the post, but editing or quoting the post would break it reliably. Probably something similar going on with this.

Actually, I'm almost certain it's a similar error, since %20 and %22 are escaped characters (in a different way than I was using before, but for a similar reason). %20 is for space, and %22 is for quotes. target="_blank" is for opening a link in a new window. It seems like it's probably pre-processing the link to convert it to the escaped version with extra crap like the target added to it and then saving that instead of saving the original as you typed it in and only processing it when it's displayed. Which is stupid. So is forcibly making people open all links in new windows by default in the first place, but that's a different matter entirely.

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OK. That makes sense.

When other people's links break, I just delete the garbage on the end, no big deal, but I want mine to work, darn it.

I think when I go back to open the edited=>broken=>fixed ones, they still work (and don't re-break) but I haven't methodically tested that yet.

Thanks, Nalgas!

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