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Questions about Neurontin? (sp?)

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I've been on Lamictal for about 4 yrs. I'm up to 350 mg. and it's really doesn't seem to be helping. I also take 150 mg. seroquel and 1.5 klonopin. I also take soma and tramadol for massive pain. I was thinking about asking my pdoc about Neurontin. I know it has properties to relieve pain. I was in numerous car accidents and have a pesky herniated disc that hasn't responded to the numerous therapies i've tried. It often turns into sciatica. when i wake up, I can barely walk. I feel like i can't function at a job because of it and because of my unstable moods which happen way too frequently for me to continue thinking my meds are working. Any anecdotes? side effects? weight gain? somnolence? nausea? Does it really work for pain? i would love to get off my pain pills. I take enough pills as it is.

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