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My god, I'm like a crazy person magnet. I swear there's a big, flashing sign on my head that says:

Attention Crazy People - Come here!

Seriously though, most of my friends are Grade A crazy. Well, at least the friends I've had for a long time. I think it's because it's hard to lose another friend who's crazy. I can go for 3 months without calling them, and when I do call 'em, it's as if we just hung out yesterday. They understand when they call me and I don't want to do anything, and I understand when they do the same. I know several of them are on psych meds. I swear I dont' seek out unstable people. (My absolute best friends are all very stable; good thing too, cuz I need healthy people to fall back on)

Anyway, one of them is getting seriously out of control. I'm not even sure what his problem is. I can't think of any diagnosis which fits his personality though. Depression + avoident personality maybe? Either way, he's got issues, and they're wrecking his life and impinging on mine.

In fact, I think he may just be crazier than me.

I've always suspected that he had issues. I pick up on that stuff real quick. My suspicions were confirmed later when I found out he used to be in therapy. I think the stress in his life has just overwhelmed him. I wonder if he realizes how bad he is.

I think it's time I confront him. God, I don't want to, but it's gotta be done.

I'm debating how I want to approach the subject. I'm normally extremely blunt, and I don't have a problem telling one of my friends "hey, you're being an ass. Either lay off or explain to me what exactly is up with you!" I don't think that would be wise this time with him. He's turned really defensive, and if I corner him, he might just clam up altogether. I'm not over dramatizing this either. He's really screwed himself already, and he's not gonna have a single friend left if he's not careful.

I think I'm going to invite him over for a beer, and just ask him how life's been lately. I'm pretty sure he wants to talk about it because he has dropped little hints. I do the same thing when I'm depressed and I want someone else to confront me. This will be interesting. I'm thinking I may reveal my own dx if he's reluctant to get help. Maybe that will encourage him.

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Well, if you are feeling it's time to say something, by all means LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE.

I can't stress this enough to people. You might miss an opportunity to save him from himself, or at least make him aware that you care enough to notice a problem.

If he's defensive again, then yes tell him about your own dx, it may make him open up a bit, and admit he needs help.

You might mention "70% of people with mental illness never get treated, never seek help, due to the stigma" and that it's not worth it. Who cares what people think?

You are a good friend to confront him.

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