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need med advice!

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Well, here I am, 6 weeks out of the psych ward after a suicide attempt. The psych ward had everything, rooms all either 50 degrees or 100 degrees (we can't change it) :) ,

bad food (I'm diabetic, so they hold the salt, duh, and give me orange juice with my salt free eggbeaters while I watch others eat bacon and real eggs) :P ,

horrible Nurse Ratchet giving me glucose tests in the fingertips when I use the ball of my hand, wouldn't let me use my Afrin, had no basal insulin, etc) ^_^ ,

even a fuckin STALKER (young tall asian guy in my room each night, they said they couldn't do anything until AFTER he commits a crime) :) ,

STUPID THERAPY (draw your issues, so I drew a band without me in it, and they said "where are you in this?" and I said "I'm NOT. That's the point, Stupid!" ;)

Ok finally out on good behaviour, they ripped me off Cymbalta after a year, and put me on Lamictal.

I'm still totally depressed! Can't take any more SSRIs, as now they know they cause rapid cycling and suicide among adults (I'm over 40)...

TOMORROW I get to see the shrink I wanted to see 2 months ago, but my insurance etc, delayed it almost to the point I killed myself.


The mania is mostly gone now (mixed state to be exact: dysphoria), but I'm done with SSRI's had bad trips on nortrip, remeron, wellbutrin...

What else can I try??

Any advice would (keep me alive) help!

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insurance in this country is a fucking joke.

I'm no medical expert. but I feel your frustration.

my last bout of therapy i got, there was a 6 month wait to talk to a shrink that was on my "preferred list of health care providers"

it took a suicide attempt for me to get bumpped up that list too.

somedays, like today, i wish i wasnt such a pussy and that attempt wasnt a fail.

good luck with the meds and the new doc.

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Yeah, like my primary care doc said "It's so bad that when I have a patient who needs to see a psychiatrist soon, I actually tell them to lie, and say they're suicidal, get 302'd and they'll see a shrink the next day"

the waiting lists are too long, the insurance companies lists are too short.

It blows. ;)

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bad food (I'm diabetic, so they hold the salt, duh, and give me orange juice with my salt free eggbeaters while I watch others eat bacon and real eggs)

Unfortunately that's not the only hospital that blows off the actual dietary requirements for diabetes/hypoglycemia in favor of low-salt/low-fat. ;)

Throwing out for discussion - what about an AAP like seroquel or risperdal?

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Is Abilify catagorized as an AAP? I think that would really help....any AAP for that matter. I have found that they really can mellow you out without making you zoobiified.....if you know what I mean. And I have found it helps w/ the shifts. I know everyone is different, though. Anyone else think that is a good idea?

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Thank all of your for your replies. I saw the doc (finally) and is a woman, Dr. Patel.

She said I need to up the Lamictal to 200 mgs to control the mania. And is putting me on a brand spanking new drug called Pristiq (desvenlafaxine).

I told her I don't want any more of this SSRI bullshit, (like the Cymbalta)that induced the rapid cycling mania that had me headed for the railroad tracks ;) !!

She said "You have to take it. You are not functional right now."

Well....NO SHIT.

I told her I cry for hours at a time, can't even do my laundry or bathe regularly, much less clean this dump. So I have no choice but to "trust her".

I think in psych school they brainwash 'em to say "You're clearly manic", since I've heard that mantra so many times now....in the psych ward, and from many pdocs in the past.

I also think they're in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies, as she was stocked to the ceiling with brand spankin new samples!

"Here's three weeks worth, just to try." I'm getting paranoid, thinking they are just drug pushers, anyone else suspect this ?? :)

I'll make a post after I see what happens on this latest "cocktail"

And thanks to everyone here, this board is the most honest one I've been on, with folks caring and giving real support.

You are the best! :)

~ Denise

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Yes abilify is an AAP. I have been on it for 1 year it really controls the mania for me. There are side effects although it effects everyone differently. I had no weight gain with this med although I have heard of people gaining much weight. Again it will effect everyone differently. It also caused depression ^_^ and an inability to want to move and do much of anything. I was put on lithium also and this alleviated the depression and I am able to move around and do some things when I feel up to it. One thing i didn't like was I am slow to respond in certain situations mostly when people ask me questions ;) . But the trade off is ok no more manic episodes. i also have increased anxiety :) which i use clonazepam for but we are trying to find something to alleviate it so I do not have to rely so heavily on the clonazepam. Hope this helps. Good luck everyone :)

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