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Zoning out on Vyvanse.

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I've found myself zoning out a lot lately and I've started taking Vyvanse fairly recently [in the past couple of months.

It's different than spacing out really. Because spacing out, I feel like someidea grabs my brain and takes me away from what I'm doing and the two just go off into the sunset. Like, at least there's SOMETHING going on there.

With the whole zoning thing, I seem to be dead. I just kind of stare ahead and go all duh and I don't realize I'm doing it during but I realize after when I have someone standing in front of me and that they have said hello and I better damn quick act a bit normal.

[And NO it's not absence seizures so no one say that.]

Anyone had the whole zoning out, Hello?-Welcome-Back-To-Earth thing?

Think it was from Vyvanse?


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I think most people do that once and awhile. Most people don't do it often though.

It really freaks me out if I do it while I'm driving. Sometimes I'll drive for 40 minutes and not remember any of it.

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