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Hi there

Just a bit about little ol' me.

I've had depression and social anxiety (moderate to severe, depending on the situation) for maybe 20+ years. About 5 months ago I was put on Efexor (by a GP), and those last 5 months have made the past 20 years seem like halcyon days.

Mood swings like I've never known started up, and kept getting worse until I went back to the GP and pleaded to be put on something else. When I mentioned the mood swings, he referred me to a psychiatrist, who promptly diagnosed me as bipolar type II.

The psych stuck me on a stabilizer (epilim) and attempted to reduce my Efexor dose, which caused me to become suicidal. To make a long story shorter, I'm back to where I started with the Efexor, stopped taking the epilim cos it was giving me stomach aches, and back to the mood swings. Frankly, I feel like I've been fucked with a wire brush at the moment. I'm kinda hoping all that will change sometime soonish.

Over and out


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GAWD that sucks! I hope they can find a decent cocktail for you and quick! There WILL be something out there for you, and you will get some relief. Hang in there. It can be a bumpy road at first. You'll make it through the train wreck that it seems like now. I totally feel your pain. I've been there. Stay safe. And good luck. Keep us posted.

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hey dude,

welcome to the boards.

yes, your situation sounds shitty. but you're not alone cos a lot of us have had rough times with our cocktails. i was on effexor for about a year until a new doc took me off it. if you're diagnosed as bpii, i wonder why your gp bypassed lithium in favour of epilim (a drug about which i admittedly know nothing - also, it kind of sounds like it's something else backward, but 'milipe' doesn't sound a whole lot better).

it always helps to educate yourself about the meds you're being given. a great place for very informal info is www.crazymeds.us

keep working with your pdoc to get your cocktail to the point where it actually helps you!

good luck,


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Welcome to our little asylum. We are always happy to have new inmates. Please read the rules (upper left-hand corner of page) and PM any of hte mods if you have a question.

I hope you find some good information and support here.


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