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Dust allergie, how serious can it get?

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I had a dreadfull night last night.

I have always had a allergie for dust - dust mites, since i was a tiny tot. Live in a thatch roof at home but always away at vasity so haven't been home for a while.

Get all itchy and and puffy, but nothing too serious. Often take celestimine cause of it.

Took some last night at about ten o'clock. And was actually here.

At about eleven thirty it went to shit.

I had also taken rivitrol abit earlier a little after the celestimine.

Had anaphylaxis, something totally new to me. Couldn't breath, face was so swollen i couldn't see, swollen lips tongue and the whole thing. had the most scary rash everywhere, got rushed to the er, doctor made me feel super good, as he said well at lest you didn't go into cardiac arrest. Live in the middle of nowhere, hopital was about 40minutes away and not that good.

Was totally terrifying.

I still look a little asian with way to much botox. (no offence to anyone, its just I'm really blonde and english - so i can't recognise myself)

I thought it would have calmed down by now as its been 24 hours. I'm quite scared as i am back on the farm, no hospital near by. I can't believe its just dust?? I worried if its got anything to do with my meds. (its sunday too)

I also recently had a mix up with my lamictal over the last two weeks. (usually take two 100mg, then realised that they where 200mg)

If it is the dust, i'm still nervous as my house is thatch.

Can dust be that bad, or shouldn't i worry about meds???

Little freaked out.

Luvies Ash


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Have you ever had a formal allergy skin test? Considering the reaction you had recently, this is IMPERATIVE!!!

All kinds of things can cause allergies. When I was 4, I went into anaphylactic shock after eating a peach. Not because of the peach itself, but because of either some pesticide they sprayed on it, or because of some fungus or mold that was maybe on it.

Definitely get an allergy skin test!!!!! If you know what severe allergies you have, it could save your life! I cannot stress this enough!

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Thanx for the reply, I know i really want to find out what it is, i find it rather unnerving!!! I'm on a course of prednisone for a bit, so can't get any tests till afterwards or they wont be accurative. So just waiting at the moment!! Hopefully will get a chance to go end of next week. Don't like sitting around with it hanging over my head.

At least i'm back in a major city again so can actually get the tests done and if anything like that happened again, the hospitals not even ten minutes away rather then 40minutes!!! ;) somewhat relief!!

Thanx so much, I'll let you know what it is. I can't for heavens sake work it??? been humming and haring, and can't put my finger on it!!!!

Thanx again

Luvis Ash


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sometimes allergies just hit you. the best example i can think of is hair dye that one buys at a store (ie not the professional kind). the directions always indicate to do an allergy strand test because one can use the hair dye one month and be ok. the next month, use same dye, and have an allergic reaction.

im glad you were able to get to the hospital in time.

good luck with the prednisone.


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I've got severe allergies, including dust mites. I get allergy shots, which if you've had your tests done might be happening to you by now.

I'm at the maintainence dose for my shots, but I have strong reactions to the "special mite mix" that I get for the dust. It sucks so major ass, my arm swells from shoulder to elbow and hurts for several days.

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