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my goodness, i'm so sorry it's such a horrible time.

did these symtoms start with the klonopin? if so, please disregard everything below.

i'm no expert and i hope others more wise and knowledgeable will step in but i can tell you that you were prescribed a very low dose, at least compared to what i or others have been prescribed.

i was started at 4mg day. some say that's high, some not, but my opinion is it's most important to be able to function. i've since switched over to valium but i did well on that amount of klonopin for some time. i'm in therapy and hope you're looking that way too but in the meantime i'd be looking for another Pdoc just so you can get something to relax.

with best wishes, compassion and aloha.

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p.s.  as far as, say, .25mg every two hours vs. 1mg every 8 hours, i don't know if it matters. i used to stagger mine in .5mg about every 4 hours (and then introduced the valium for nighttime.) all i know is .75/day sounds really low for your symptoms. please hang in there, breathe, especially the exhale.  i want to add a heart here but i or my browser is lame.  sending healing thoughts your way.

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I somedays

take .25s

at least hourly


get me spacy

the quarters keep me

about even

I get the stuff like in buckets


Sometimes,the stories


send me off for

a dose


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