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I'm Sam

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My names Sam

I've been cutting and burning for two years now.

Mostly cutting.

I've been better about it for the past month or so but lately I miss it so much.

There is something so amazing about it...something like nothing else...

I don't know why I feel the way I do.

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Talk to me?

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There's an emoticon of a skull, it's used for triggery comments. Your saying that it's amazing... yeah, kinda triggery. This is a sensitive board, please be aware of that, and use the triggers when you're saying something like that. IMO, okay everyone?

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Yeah, Sam---we're glad you're here and you can write any time you want. But we are all doing our best to heal ourselves and work with our tdocs, etc. So Rabbit is right--- if you're going to write about SI, you need to use the skull thingy. ;)

If you put it at the front of your post, the people here who are in a vulnerable place will know that maybe they shouldn't read that post.

We also have an introduction forum, so if you would like to tell us more about you, I hope you will go there and tell us stuff about your life.


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