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I think snowfly's advice is good: keep CB as a place to vent and talk about your MI issues, and we'll never tell your secrets. heh

We have a blog section, if you want to start a blog. I always tell people to read our rules: there aren't many and it just avoids problems.

Don't be intimidated. I'm an old bag, and when I first came here I thought everyone was 20 and they would laugh at me. But they only laughed a little. So tell us your secrets and be at home.


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This place looks packed and I'm afraid I'm in way over my head. Anyone else feel social anxiety from a friggin' online forum? Come on, I can't be the only one.

Anyhoo. This place looks intimidating, but I like the attitude and the humor here. And I'm dying for some kind of outlet.

honest to god, you're NOT the only one, or the first one, or even the 100th one. a lot people lurk for a while, then start posting, then it's like whoa look out! the dam burst.

anyway, welcome. this is a good place. the humor kicks ass.

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