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Hi, I'm sort of here for both myself and my significant other. I've learned a lot of things here, my SO is the schizoaffective, BP, OCD, anxiety ridden one. Of course we both end up affected by it. He's non-functional a great deal of the time but is getting better as the pdocs and tdocs make adjustments.

We have known each other for about 13 years and have been "intimate" for the past 2 or so years.

I am really glad to have found this place. I've made a few guest postings in the past and finally decided to take the time and make a real profile.

Hope I can be as helpful to others and they have been to me.


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Welcome to the asylum, bunny! I hope you find the information and support you need here at Crazyboards.

We do have a few rules, and it's great to read them if you haven't done so already. Look in the upper left-hand corner if you haven't noticed them before.

Be sure to PM one of the mods if you have a problem or question.


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