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Hello, my new crazy friends

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Hey! Another depressive/PTSD/sleep disorder/ADD person. Hmmm, how nice to say that and not have everyone move two seats over and call security. Meds to wake up, meds to go to sleep. Nothing seems to work for very long, so I'm still waiting for that Wonder Drug that makes me energetic and oh so happy. It's in clinical trials now, right? Right?

I thought this Provigil was supposed to wake me up. Yawn.

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and relax

all the seats recline

you gotta shake most of us


the rest are paranoid of you and

won't sleep ;)

Well then some of us are just

peeking out

to see if you


I might bite

I like ladies knees

but then

I'm crazy



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Welcome to the crazypool!

I'm floating with my waterwings and life jacket, won't get in the water without them (phobic you know)  here's an innertube for you!  We're all kinds of crazy here.  Glad to meet you, oh that sun is warm.


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hiya nienies,

welcome home. yes, it is a lot safer here than outside. we at least admit that we are crazy. i'm comfortable with it myself although i know it bothers some people. but hey, to each their own eh?

no i won't shuffle away and call security just cos yer nuts. i have major depression and general anxiety (self-diagnosed but there really is NO doubt), and a touch of OCD (again, there really is NO doubt). i've had MDD my whole life pretty much. am on effexor 225 mg and seroquel 50 mg. they are working well for me now. please feel completely free to visit me on my thread or by ALL means start your own. it is a great way to meet people here.


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