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I'm BP NOS. I can't stand most meds and have settled on Trileptal and Bupropion. I'm taking just a small amount of Buproprion (1/4 of a 75 mg tablet) and 600Trileptal AM and 300 PM. Also, I have some Xanax as needed. Trouble is, even with this small amount of Bupropion, I get a little buzzed and tend toward anger, And also, in the morning, I feel very tired from the Trileptal. Does anyone else with experience with these two meds.



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Is there a reason why your pdoc said 600 am and 300 pm for the trileptal? When I initially started taking it it made me a bit dopy too, and still does to a certain extent (sometimes with dizziness) if I take over 300mg at once.

My 1200mg/day is spread out as 300 am/ 300 lunchtime/ 600 night. I'd recommend either switching the two doses so that you take the higher one at night, or splitting it so that it's 300mg 3x a day. You'll still be covering the same amount in 24 hours, just saving yourself that unpleasant feeling in the morning.

I was on 150mg of wellbutrin SR for some months to counteract a severe depression, but dropped it a few weeks ago when I started slipping into an aggressive mania. You're on a *tiny* amount there. If you're not tolerating that, then I must question why you're continuing it? It's not worth putting yourself through misery like that - unfortunately it may be that it's one of the meds that don't play well with your system.

Good luck


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