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OMG...I'M Gonna LOVE it HERE

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Hi everyone!!!

I stumbled in while googling Tomapax because I am feeling so darned LOOPY since I started on it (3 days ago at 50mg 1x day) for migraine control....

just reading the Topamax thread, I HAD to register and I am glad I did....

As already mentioned, I suffer migraines, every time a front moves in, and in the midwest, that is almost daily, I get a migraine....when my sinuses flair up, I get a migraine...I am most likely ADHD as well...never diagnosed, but from the state of my house, yeah...I am....I have to be....

my son is 18 and bipolar....he is 6'3" tall and weighs 300 pounds (and losing now that he is back to work and not sleeping all day and watching movies all night)...I am 5'9" and won't mention my weight, which has packed on since the migraines have gotten worse, but I hear the Topamax will help me with that area too...my husband is 5'7" and weighs considerably less than me....try to keep that kid under control...NOT....finally we have found that Lamictal has been our lifesaver for him...as long as he remembers to take it...if I hand it to him, he will...if not...he forgets...whatever will he do when he moves out on his own...this SCARES me to death as he RAGES bigtime when he is not on meds...

oh and I moderate at a forum for a whole BUNCH of women and a few guys, who can't get their act, or housework together either...so we play games and encourage each other to try to get it done...or we just sit and chat on the computer all day...whatever works....

I also admin at a forum that helps parents who's kids have LDs and BDs and the school just does not want to cooperate...having BTDT myself and ended up hiring an attorney, it is sad to say I know more about education law than our school admins now...

my son also was diagnosed dyslexic, central auditory processing disorder, superior IQ at 132 (he gets the IQ part from me, mine is 162)

AND....I do feral cat rescue...and moderate at a forum for cat lovers...

Anyways....there is LOTS to look at here....my ADHD mind will go plum CRAZY!!!

My head is spinning already....or is that from the Topamax?!?! ;)

See ya somewhere!!!!





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I'm always pleased to meet a fellow cat lover. ;) I too stumbled onto this place when I was looking for information about Lamictal. I'm also a migraine sufferer, although not to the extent that you are. I usually get them when I get my period.

Welcome to the loony bin!

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Welcome to Crazyboards! We don't have too many rules, but you might want to glance at them quickly. Look in the upper left-hand corner for them and check 'em out.

You'll find lots of animal lovers here, and, of course, lots of crazy people. I'm sure you'll fit right in. heh


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Thank you for the welcomes....it was late lastnight so I was not going to cruise through the rules....I wil get to those soon....we have them at the other forums too, and they are important!

I forgot to mention in the intro that I am also "into" gardening...my degree is horticulture and landscape design and that is my outlet...my escape....of course...my yard does not SHOW it...as I am usually busy doing other people's yard ideas....but one day I will get to my own.....

we started with the 20x70 veggie garden this year....

See ya!!

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Hi, welcome to Crazyboards. I'm new here, too, and someday will actually post an introduction.

I took Topamax (50 mg b.i.d.) for migraines, had fabulous success with it (2-3 migraines total in five months v. 13 the month before I started), lost the last of the baby weight, etc. But after five months, I had to stop because I could not get past the Dopamax stupids and I'm a writer, so word blocking was just not an acceptable side effect for me. I had hoped it would lessen, but it didn't, so I weaned last month (and have gained back 15 lbs in one month, *sigh*, plus have had six migraines).

Just a side note, my nephew is bipolar, 16, and bigger than both his parents now too. They have had a roller coaster of a life with him, and I feel for you and your son. It has been heartbreaking to watch that struggle from the sidelines as his meds just keep changing and stop working through growth and puberty.

Anyhoo, welcome. Any day now, you'll see an intro from me, too. lol

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oh the rollercoaster of teen hormones and bipolar....yes...broken furniture....thrown people...police at the house....lucky for us small town so the officer would take him for a ride and talk to him then bring him home and tell him to go up to bed....

time lost from school...home schooling...now online schooling...so many different medications...therapists...counselors....trying to find something that worked...

accusations from the school that we were grasping at straws rather than accepting the reality that our son was a lazy unmotivated so and so and would never amount to anything...and that we were no good parents and to just accept the fact rather than to keep searching and find excuses...

Here are some of the "past" threads and stories that I originally posted at schwablearning, and brought over and tried to reogranize at my forum LD Help Online....if you really feel like reading about the frustrations of dealing with a bipolar teen and school...there are replies from others within the threads as well...

Another Frustrated Parent

My Son Is Ready To Quit School

School, Depression and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Will the school People EVER Understand Bipolar?!

A New School Year

Pre Trial Phone Conference

and this I posted out of my own frustration with myself

How Can I Expect My Son to Stay On Task When I Can't Myself?!

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