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atypical depression anyone?

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Hey everyone,

I am a 23 year old female who has been battling atypical depression since my early teens. I was just wondering if there are any people out there who are experiencing the same difficulties I am (fatigue, overeating, leaden paralysis...the list goes on...) and what meds or other strategies they are using to combat this.

I've heard about the Wellbutrin/Effexor combo but dont know much about it...has anyone tried this or had any success?

Also, I read about the new patch EMSAM (sp?) but I'm a little worried since it is part of the MAOI category. Anybody have any experience with the patch?

I am currently on a Lamicatal and Wellbutring cocktail. Lamictal: 100mg in the morn and 150mg at night. Wellbutrin XL: 300 mg in the morn

I've come a long way but can tell there is still some ways to go. Thanks in advance for your responses!

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Hey welcome Lala!

I have atypical myself, in that I oversleep (most undersleep, as I understand it) and overeat (most undereat). Among the other stuff like zombyism and a new surprisingly accurate term I found recently: athymia, or pretty much total lack of feeling. And a desire to do stuff? ...Fergetaboutit.

If you haven't tried the pax or the zack, may I suggest those. They worked for me quite well for a long time, but then pooped out slowly over the years, causing me to switch.

Currently I'm on Abilify, which seems to be working pretty well, especially since I'm taking just the minimum dose (2.5 mg).

That's about what worked for me. For stuff that didn't pan out, check my signature, below. There's this crazy trend of keepding dx and rx down there since I guess it comes up a lot.

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I'm atypical-ish, used to be more atypical (more over-eating and more sleeping in).

I think Effexor XR worked the best for me as a single med. I'm OK with the Wellbutrin now, but I think I'd be better of on some other concurrent SSRI or SNRI than Lexapro (which is what I'm currently taking), but oh well.

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I also have atypical type depression mood swings.

I've taken the wellbutrin/effexor xr combo for years. The dosages have gone up & down depending on my moods. Currently I'm completely off of Wellbutrin. I was on Lamictal with both of these for years. I've off of that right now too. My depression was getting better so my pdoc & I reduced some of my meds.

But then I started getting hypomanic so we add Seroquel XR and then cogentin/benztropine for the akathasia.

Sorry to say for me, my moods often break through my medications. My pdoc & I are constantly tweaking the meds.

Most recently, since Sept 07, I've started having a regular sleep schedule, better diet, & some routine into my life which has helped. I found the book, Take Control of Bipolar Disorder motivating to make some lifestyle changes along with taking my meds & seeing a tdoc.

Good luck.

Oreo ;)

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