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Currently, I'm on 200mg Lamictal QID and Luvox 50mg QID (just added). Seroquel was also prescribed PRN for sleep.

For the last couple of weeks or so, I've been in a bind (depression/anxiety/ruminations). I had some Abilify leftover from a previous trial. One time, I had taken 10 mg, but I believe that was too much. I had incessant insomnia and akathisia, so I went off it altogether. But, last week, to help with the symptoms, I decided to take only 2.5mg abilify (1/2 of a 5mg tablet, which is the smallest one). It seems like it helped overnight. I continued to take 2.5mg/day for 4 days. I had no akathisia at this dose, but I noticed some good benefit in my depression/anxiety/ruminations, etc.. Because I took it only as needed in this case, I stopped after 4 days or so.

Later, I got into a bind again as my mind was getting 'stuck' on bad thoughts. I phoned my doctor, and he prescribed some Seroquel to help with sleep. He also prescribed Luvox (starting at 50mg QID) to help with obsessions and my other symptoms of low serotonin. Anyway, I took a 50mg dose of Seroquel last night at 10:00 pm, and it didn't do a thing. I still woke up 2 hrs later, but this time, I was ruminating on horrible things and having a feeling of dread. So, I took another 25mg of Seroquel to try to get me back to sleep. I still woke up every 30 minutes. I woke this morning and felt no tiredness effect from Seroquel at all. I must have had a paradoxial reaction or something.

Today was also a very bad day. So, this afternoon I decided to take an extra 100mg of Lamictal and up the dose to 300mg because things got so bad. My doctor had suggested something about this yesterday on the phone. I read some posts where some people didn't get relief at 200mg, but once they got to 300-400mg, they had huge relief. The Lamictal page says that some people have to get to 400mg for relief. 600mg is max. Right now, 200mg doesn't seem to be doing much (if anything). I'm still cycling to real low lows like now. Anyway, I will be taking 100mg night and 200mg morning. I will tell my doctor this next appt. (2 weeks away).

Also, late this afternoon, I decided to take a 2.5mg of Abilify again (it helped last time I was in a bind) because I was desperate.

Overall, does anyone have experiences with taking 2.5mg of Abilify a day? What benefits did you get?

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The lowest dose I've ever taken was 5mg. and later went up to 10 mgs. I too had akathisia @ 10 mgs. I really did like the drug except for the akathisia which finally became intolerable so I quit altogether.

My pdoc told me that some of the first batches of Abilify to be manufactured were actually recalled because they were stronger than labeled. He said that they had to pull all their samples at the clinic. It sounds like bunk to me but I can't think of a good reason for him to lie about it.

He also said that some of the latest research for Abilify showed that it was more activating than originally expected. Take it for what it's worth.

Based on these 'pronouncements' I would say your low dose regimen has some merit.

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Hi, I also took 5 mg then bumped back to 2.5.

Unfortunately- at 2.5 I was still dissociating so Im back on 5.

With 5, I have some akathesia, but i manage it with propranolol.

good luck,


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I was taking 2.5mg every other day and could not sleep. I felt like I'd consumed too much caffeine. I would wake up early every morning and lay in bed with watery eyes.

This was much better than taking 15mg, but I either way I don't care for this medication.

Granted, it cleard up my depression and helped me think (somewhat) more clearly.



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Yeah, I used to talk down on Abilify, but I found I was at too high of dose on previous trial. But the small amount I took helped me get out of the bad depression and I started feeling effects in several hours and overnight. I had also upped my Lamictal to 300mg (which was suggested by my doctor).

I'm taking about 2.5mg a day now. I'm telling my doctor next appt. so he can put it offically in his records that I'm taking it. He had prescribed some Seroquel, and I tried it and didn't get hardly any benefit. I took 50mg and woke up 2 hrs later ruminating.

I have a lot of leftover samples from the previous trial (over a months worth). When I was on 2.5mg at first, I had leftover 5mg tablets that I cut in half for 2.5mg/day. The 5mg tablets are gone now, and I now have 10mg tablet halves that were split. I might be able to split the halves. I seemed to tolerate 5mg, too, pretty well when I was on my way to 10mg last time.

After I had problems on 10mg, I gave up the drug instead of lowering the dose. Also, I took it with Depakote (which made me so lethargic and masked the benefits of Abilify). Now I'm taking it with Lamictal and Luvox, so I'm seeing the benfits from Abilify better.

As far as drug equivalency is concerned, 5mg of Abilify is equivalent to almost 40 mg of Geodon. When I was on Geodon, I tolerated 40mg (20 2xday) fairly well except for extreme drowsiness several hours after taking it. I seem to be getting similar benefits from Abilify but without the narcoleptic drowsiness. Higher doses of Geodon like 80mg/day had a slew of side effects. Same with 10mg Abilify (which is equivalent to 60-80mg of Geodon). I did a short trial of 15mg (equiv. to 120mg Geodon a day and 15-20mg of Abilify) of Zypexa a day one time, and it was akathisia hell, severe agitation after dosing, and many other side effects.

Overall, I'm getting the same benefits from Abilify that I had with the Geodon I was taking. When I took the Geodon, I started on 20mg/day (equiv. to 2.5mg Abilify). The only reason I stopped Geodon was that it wasn't as convenient to dose due, and there were potentials for wearing off due to its short half-life. Abilify has a really long half-life, though (10x longer than Geodon), so there's no potenital for wearing off,. and the efficacy is more stable.

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I was on 5 mg of Abilify and after a while I noticed facial twitching, I thought

it resembled Tardive Dyskinesia or however it is spelled. So I cut my dose back to 2.5 which is a pretty low dose.

I haven't experienced any other side effects, except for waking up wicked early in

the morning, but that doesn't happen any more.

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Guest Greg

I fight meds. relentlessly. BP 1 rapid cycle. Love my HIGHS. Pdoc why do you want to take that away? Tried welb., lamictel, lithium, xanex, ativan, etc., etc., etc. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I stopped them all, can usually go a couple months but then crumble. So, tried one more time, pdoc said try abilify! Its been about a week and I feel the best I've ever felt, ever! I am now on 5mg in morning and 2.5 at about 4pm then 1mg klonopin at about 9pm to sleep. No anxiety, the best thing is all the thoughts flying through my head have stopped, thank God! All the others I was always cloudy and could not think, very frustrating. I am thinking clear and back to work. A little face twitch I only notice but have read it will go away. I FEEL AWESOME. ;)

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Wow that's interesting to notice people have success with only 2.5mg. I take 5mg. Am happy with that. No side effects and a lot of good effects on the irritability, and I think I also ruminate less bu tnot sure about that.

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I'm on my second course of Abilify. The first time I titrated up to 30mg one week at a time starting at 5mg. I got horrible akathisia and had to stop it abruptly.

It was a shame, because I noticed it working almost immediately.. not alot, but enough. (This was before I became non-responsive to meds)

Recently I ran out of other things to try, so I went back on the Abilify and stuck to my own schedule of titration instead of the normal one. I started at 2.5 and stayed there for a month, then I went up to 5mg for a month.. and so on. I got a little bit of anxiety (not really akathisia) when I first started the 2.5 & it went away after a week 1/2 & reappeared with each increase. I'm at 30mg right now (Well, almost. My doc's office forgot to put in the refill for it with Patient Assistance so I'm going cold turkey until it comes in.) Anyway, I reached 30mg and that was the first time I experienced anything resembling akathisia. It's probably only the result of taking 1 1/2 weeks on 20mg rather than the full month.

The akathisia is really mild and going away. It also completely disappears when I take my Nadolol (used the same way as Cogentin).

Anyway, I highly recommend the 2.5 dose & hope it works for you.

I would also hesitate to change so many things here and there on your own, but it sounds like you're doing alright. Perhaps you could keep a little notepad of your changes and how you felt after each one. That will help your pdoc get a better understanding of what's doing what and how things are working together so he can better treat you.

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I take 5 mgs every night. Every body is different and thus will react different to medicines, but for me the positives outweighed the negatives. The first couple of weeks I:

Woke up in the middle of the night but only briefly

Needed to nap halfway through the day to make it

Got my appetite back along with my happiness (joy!)

I was overall starting to laugh again and I managed to step out of the box and make a couple for friends. I feel like this is proof enough that medication can work. If there's a will, there's a way.

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i take 2.5 mg at night everyday of Abilify and is ok,not great but ok

sometimes i get bad headaches and also sweat and feel hot even when is not hot out,and the weight gain sucks

i gained 20 pounds on abilify the last 12 months,for some reason makes me feel hungry and i find myself munching on sweets and stuff that i never

liked before,but overall is a good medicine for bipolar and manic cases,also helps with my anxiety,i never got the tremors or the shaky legs but sometimes

feel my jaw moving,not a big deal

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