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A Question about Atypical Depression and Mood Reactivity

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Typically, "mood reactivity"--out in the vastness of the Internets anyway--is defined as experiencing mood improvement in response to positive events in life.

Does the opposite trend--the worsening of mood after "bad" events--also qualify as mood reactivity? Or is it "normal" for the melancholically depressed to also start feeling worse after something "depressing" happens?

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My bad.

I was looking at a Benazzi article that describes mood-reactivity as depression that lightens in response to positive life events, but also describes it as rapid plunging back into depression in response to negative life events. However, he's talking about the overlap between atypical depression, borderline PD, and bipolar II. So not agood source, really. I will try to link to it when I am not on this phone.

Thanks, Lachesis!

eta: as opposed to rejection sensitivity, which is also common in atypical depression...

I am not digging the iPhone experience (waiting for a friend and playing with her phone.)

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