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Rebound Migraines

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What are yours?

I am switching primary doctors 1st of August. High on my agenda is the issue of horrible migraines. I know this is a tired discussion on the board, and I sure wish I could, once and for all, quit bitching about this particular scourge.

I'm 47, female, meopausal with severe MDD and anxiety-related mental problems. I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and I mention these things only to remotely suggest, or not, they somehow influence my migraine history of the last 3 years. (Onset of migraine was age 12--definate familial history)

I am taking a daily dose of 100 mg. of Imitrex (YES, I know how dangerous this is...please don't advise about that unless you, yourself, have had a specific cardiac or vascular event due to overuse of Imitrex or other triptan product). Not that I don't care about all your family and friends...but, I'm looking for hard, 1st person data.

I'm strongly convinced I am in a rebound pattern and have the shits of stopping all triptans and whiteknuckle-ing months of untreated migraines on a daily basis.

If you have kicked the rebound cycle and have experienced a reduction in the occurence of migraine headache, I would love to know what you are doing. Or what you have stopped doing. My diet is already covered. I don't eat any of the foods known to be migraine triggers. Other than that, I am doing nothing preventatively. I want to go to a new physician armed with a plan of some sort.

Have already done: topamax, beta blockers and calcium channel blockers. No luck.



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botox? sorry, not about rebound. i had rebound headaches form vicodin, so i stopped vicodin and suffered through a 3 day migraine and it helped, in the end. (the thing that has most helped my migraines is staying away from VOCs, but that may have just been my deal.) but really, i've read a lot about botox for migraines. sorry, linking is beyond my energy at the moment.

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in the absence of Imitrex, I found that a Darvocet N-100 mixed with half a cup of strong coffee (I dont normally drink it, so I have little caffeine tolerance) will at least alleviate the pain a little bit. Sometimes completely. Maybe it's just me, but perhaps if you could get a medium-level painkiller along with caffeine while you get the sumatriptin suc. out of your system, maybe it'd help with the rebounds. Your head will probably still hurt, but hopefully you'll be able to be functional.

I'm dealing with a week-long one now.....

Why must Imitrex be so expensive? I looked up the cost of uncut cocaine, and Imitrex is nearly as expensive per mg.

what the hell??

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