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cyclothymia need drug treatment?

Guest kia

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I have a mood disorder I don't know if is cyclothymia  or  bipolar II because here in europe doctors talk about  mood disorders without put any lavel,what I  want to ask you is if is always a drug tretment necesary for cyclothymia? I know that you are not doctors but my doctor don't care to answer  my question and she offer me a lot of drugs in my first visit without listen to much my simptoms or measure the gravity of them and I  am afraid to give in to a treatment that will end up making my brain totally imbalanced and because of that need drugs for ever

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Hi kia,

If you have the option to try another pdoc, I'd look into that. If I had a doctor that was trying to push any mode of treatment without serious discussion and analysis, I'd be concerned. Chances are the meds will help but psychiatry/therapy is not McDonalds! We're complex beings.

On the other hand, given the information you provided was brief, it might be that your doctor is trying to help you with the very immediate symptoms that you might be dealing with before jumping in with both feet to find out what's *really* going on.

Just a few thoughts,


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From your description, I am somewhat concerned with your doctor's immediate inclination to put you on multiple drugs (which is what your post seemed to say).  If you have the option, please seek a second and possibly third opinion, until you find a doctor you feel you can work with.  It's the doctor's job to help you become and stay well.  Even with appropriate monitoring and medication, the day-to-day routine of your own holistic treatment is your responsibility, as it should be.

The line between cyclothymia and bipolar II seems really blurry.  My personal opinion is that individuals on the bipolar II side would need medication, whereas the symptoms of a cyclothymic patient may or may not require pharmacological treatment.  Kizgikate, moderator for http://www.chatarea.com/TheCyclothymiaCollective, does well on lithium.  Other cyclothymes might be fine with, I don't know, breathing excercises and yoga and a high Omega-3 diet.  It all depends on how badly the disease/disorder is fucking with your life. 

How bad is it?  Do you become suicidal?  To me, this is a blinking red sign saying "urgent help needed," which (unless your depression was wholly situational) would definitely include meds.  Do other people notice when you're hypomanic or mixed?  Do you do significant damage to your finances?  Do you behave dangerously?  Do your relationships suffer?  In short, does your cycling do bad things to your life?  Does the disorder cost you?  If you're losing right now, then you could likely stand to gain something in the gamble of riding the meds-go-round. 

Every drug you might consider trying has pros and cons to consider.  The only way to really know how it will affect you is to take it for X length of time.  Keep notes.  Do your research.  Be willing to tell the good doctor when the cost-benefit analysis is screwing you over royally and you have to switch drugs NOW.  Chances of finding something workable are good, if you need drugs to begin with.  That's for you and your trusted medical professional to decide. 

I recommend clicking through the forum linked above, as well as the related cyclothymia website.  You might find something of use to you. 

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