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HELP PLEASE? Add on to Topamax?

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Hello all. I'm currently taking Topamax & have been for about 2 months.

I live in Australia and they don't prescribe Wellbutrin here, but you can get it under the name Zyban as a drug to help you stop smoking.

All other anti depressant medications just contribute to my rapid cycling. I've been doing some research & I think Zyban with Topamax may be worth a try.

I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this mix before I mention it to my doctor?

I'm actually getting really desperate at the moment for something that works!!!

I've tried breaking up the times when I take my Topamax but it's making no difference. I'm going to stop taking the Effexor all together, because it's SHITE!!!! I was on 300mg for a long time and didn't know why I was so hyper-crazy, under G.P's advice I've slowly worked down to 75mg a day. So stopped taking it today.

Have been rapid cycling last couple of weeks with intensity building. Was supposed to go back to uni today but I'm a mess. I'm going to turn up at my doc's tomorrow and say I need an emergency change of meds, my GP will let me do that but I'll need to research and let her know which ones or she'll give me something that will make me worse. She's lovely but not clued in on all the crazy meds.

I've been trying to get in2 c a psychiatrist but I am having no luck at all.

Any suggestions please?

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By and large, adding an antidepressant - even Wellbutrin - isn't ideal in rapid cycling. You don't need to press harder on the gas pedal at this point in time.

Discontinuing antidepressants carries its own risk of worsening affective instability, although getting off Effexor may be a damned good idea in the long run.

Topamax by itself has some association with mania (case reports.)

Depakote has a little support in rapid cycling, as does supraphysiologic thyroid; lithium isn't really thought of as a "drug for rapid cycling", but it's still darn good at bringing those runaway horses to a halt... None of these should really be dabbled in and all require a skilled practitioner who has the availability and training you need. Can you get in to psych through the emergency/casualty department?

eta: grammar

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but lamictal takes ages to work up to a good dose - not good if you don't have a pdoc looking after you. its also not on pbs for bipolar or depression - only for epilepsy. so your doc could lie, or you get a private script and it costs a lot of money. (a lot lot).

im in australia also. could you try adding another mood stabiliser? have you tried lithium?

zyban is too hard to get - i mean, your doc would have to lie, and it has conditions on it - counselling for smoking cessation - and, its only for limited prescription. so, i thought of it too but let that idea go.

Edronax? or cymbalta? thats kinda new here i think. my doc has also suggested Avanza (if your depression is totally stuck and never getting better) - i guess the other option if efexor doesnt do much.

What about the atypical antipsychotics - that might help a bit with the rapid cycling? seroquel? abilify? - i found seroquel helpful while i was on lamictal, still increasing and hadn't got to the point where it was helping keep my moods stable. sleep always helps!!

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Thanx for the fast replies guys!

For now I want to keep taking Topamax but find something I can have as an add on, as I haven't experienced too many side effects with Topamax and don't want to chop & change too much. So that rules out Abilify as it's a dangerous combo apparently for the respiratory system, I think it was.

I do need something that works relatively fast, but Avanza is a big NO for me. It makes me a living zombie, I sleep constantly. I even get this weird thing called sleep paralysis, where I wake up from a deep sleep but my body is completely paralyzed. So it looks like I'm still asleep but my mind's lucid! I hate Avanza.

I have an app. with psychiatrist but not for another month. I've called & asked to be notified of cancellations. No luck with others.

I can try through community services, but I've gone down that road many times before & unless you're psychotic or suicidal they're really not much help. Under staffed, under funded, over worked, etc, etc....

I am willing to try lithium, but not until I find a p-doc that I'm comfortable with prescribing it to me who I know will monitor me properly. Not give me a script & say I'll see you in a month. I've got alot of bad experiences with years of trying to get help from dick head health unprofessionals.

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yeh thats fair enough. hmm.

i suggested edronax (anti d) because i think the tablets are 4mg, and you could stay at that dose or increase to 8 and that seems to be... sufficient for lots of people - so not a lot of fiddling around with dosage. also not an SSRI so something a bit different.

www.crazymeds.us look here and they have good info on all the drugs.

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I'm also a rapid cycler, and my wonder cocktail consists of topamax and seroquel. I used to take Wellbutrin as well, but couldn't afford all three, so one had to go... I split the dosage of topa morning and night, and take the seroquel at night. It works for me. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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