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Pissed at eBay

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Sorry. Just very pissed and wanted to rant. I don't know if we have a ranty pissy forum around the board so I'm putting the thread here.

I'm so tired of things going wrong, I guess I take it out on the people rather than the problem. But, what if this guy WAS a scammer? He doesn't have the best rating.

I'm pissed 'cause I've been waiting to fix this laptop for months, and finally thought I got a chance to do it. The part was only $15, but having to wait, and finally putting it in and getting a major disappointment prompted me to write this feedback:


I left you negative feedback because this disk drive works worse than the broken one I wanted to replace. Not only does it not work, it can barely load in the CD! You have to push the CD to get this drive to load.

I own this item now, and it is my choice not to try to return it to you because I believe you are a part reselling scammer that will just try to put this broken part back into ebay. By keeping it and leaving negative feedback, I am breaking your cycle of shipping out shit parts and then hoping your feedback won't be affected because of your "30 day DOA policy." I bet you get back most of what you ship.

I'm certain you never tested this drive. You just parted out a mac and hoped for the best. This is not the way to be doing business. Enjoy your negative feedback, you asshole.


I am sure some people just don't give a shit and try to work the system. I'm tired of that kind of crap, so I decided, since I bought this disaster, I'm gonna put my $15 to work and use it against him rather than lose time and more money shipping the shit back.

Fuck. I'm so tired of people just passing off shit in the world as something useful, and hoping to patch it all up after-the-fact. My dad goes through this, too. He buys no-name generic shit from China on ebay all the time and it ends up not working. I suppose there is some financial limit where one decides the object is worth returning. For me, $15 isn't it. It's like I paid for the right to leave negative feedback on this guy.

Maybe I'm just really irritated right now I don't know.

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Complaints are valid but when you use a potty mouth it makes it look like you are the one with the problem. I hear lots of people make money off ebay. I don't know how when everyone wants to pass off garbage and nobody wants to pay more than $0.99 for everything including shipping. I think people are using kijiji and freecycle now which makes it even harder to buy and sell on ebay.

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It happened again -- exactly the same. I ordered a second drive for the G4 mac, and it's probably a sensitive thing 'cause it's kind of thin and internal. Anyway I thought it would solve my problem, but it was junk again. So I gave another bad review.

There's just something wrong with people selling total crap on ebay. I'm not going to try to buy this particular item again. I am not willing to pay $50+ for a brand new one, so what I did was pay $15 two times for junky, useless ones. I refused to return the item either time because I believe the junk peddlers will just resell the item AGAIN, at least making some money on shipping cost. It's not worth the time or effort and follow-up to return these pieces of shit. I'd rather pay for my right to give an honest, bad review.

They were both packaged in crap, by the way. It was obvious that neither junk peddler cared about the packaging. The second one was wrapped plastic shopping bags and crumpled newspaper. Just total junk.

I don't even use this Mac G4 Powerbook anyway. I can FTP/upload films to it from my PC if I need to. It has a nice, wide screen. I was using it for video when my nephew dropped it, breaking the DVD drive which I thought would be simple to replace. It actually is simple. I've done it twice already with no problem, except that I have three drives now that don't do shit (the original and 2 X ebay junk).

I'm might just write ebay and ask them kindly to rename their site to either junkbay or ejunk. The thing is, they have no mechanisms in place to counter this kind of junk-shipping to make profit on shipping and then return the item scam. I mean, you can make hundreds of dollars shipping the same piece of junk out over and over again. Maybe the damn shipping company employees are running this scam, because the one who really wins is FedEx and UPS.

It just pisses me off.

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It's "great" that you're so pissed off and everything, but nothing you're doing is particularly constructive in any way. I mean, it's your business if you want to lose your money in small increments and collect a small mound of broken junk without getting any of your money back, just so you can feel better about "teaching them a lesson" by leaving bad feedback for the people who are probably just ignoring it anyway.

I've only ever once gotten something that didn't work at all, and it was very easy to return it and get my money back, and I could've left angry feedback on top of that if I'd thought it was deliberate on the guy's part. Maybe I'm just extraordinarily lucky, although I think it probably has something to do with some common sense about what I order and who it's from; there are a lot of varied signs you can pick up on in listings that something is sketchy.

eBay is extremely biased towards the buyers these days, anyway. It's easier than ever to screw over sellers you don't like (and eBay does it on its own plenty, too). If you're buying stuff and pay any attention to how it works, nearly everything about eBay and PayPal is in your favor at this point.

If you hate it anyway, like a lot of people seem to, just stop using it and go somewhere else. I haven't really had problems with it, but I haven't been using it much anymore just because I don't like where their policies have been heading. Of course, then you wouldn't have as much to rant about anymore, but at least you'd have either more money or more things that aren't broken. Maybe even both.

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I bought a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard premium plus and saved at least $1000

Then I bought a Guild D-55 acoustic and also saved close to $1000

Both items were unplayed and in excellent condition. I probably won't drop the amount of cash I did on these items again in ebay for fear of bad luck.

The only negative experience I've had is selling recording gear over seas. The buyer claimed he never received it and since I shipped USPS they can't track it outside USA. I ended up losing my recording gear AND paying out its cost to the buyer so I would avoid a negative rating/ebay investigation.

I will never sell outside the US again.

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i've had a *few* bad experiences, but not enough to completely turn me off to ebay. Ebay is something you have to be smart about. Look at the person's background (feedback) and also how much they have received... do some research and see what vibe you get. ebay isnt just about the item(s).

if i were you, i would not just continue to buy things in order to write negative feedback. that is just... really immature and not even doing much good. Not to mention, *you* are the one wasting *your* money. I am sure that there are much more important things you can be spending that money on....

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You can't hold ebay responsible for an individual seller. It's like blaming a mall management because you got a bad smoothie in the food court.

Since the thing was dropped, are you sure it is just the drive?

If I were you I would take the drives to a mac place and have them test the drives. If the drives are fine, it's the computer.

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After a few hundred transactions on eBay, I've had less than 2% that I've been less-than-satisfied with, and those, I knew what I was getting in to.

It's a great way to get what I want that I can't find anywhere else or just can't find cheaply in my town--and, well, I just don't like Amazon.

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I was more irritated at trying to make a "simple quick fix" and running into the online junk peddlers. I suppose if you are going to get into the under $20 market on ebay, you might be getting into penny stock territory.

Anyway I'm writing now because of a stupid thing. I put back the ORIGINAL DRIVE, and it's not broken after all. Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha. Hahahhahhahah. Oh, the insanity of it all.



The drive isn't all the way back in, which is why it is working. I think putting all the way back in jammed it so it couldn't spin. It works if it's not mounted completely in the laptop. The computer is looking kinda funky, resting on the back of it's screen with the keyboard up in the air so that the DVD drive be in there and not fall out with the bottom of the laptop disassembled. It's Frankenstein fantastic. But, it's alive. Typing on it is very weird, as is using the mouse touchpad while it's upright. To make matters worse, the keyboard could fall out at any moment cause it's not screwed to anything 'cause the bottom is off.

BUT, the setup is enough to get a better version of Mac OS on there (needs DVD drive for install DVD, ya), after which I can remove the DVD player again or try my luck at mounting it.

Welcome to my first OS X install. Complete with photo shoot. It's one for me to remember.

I just suddenly got it in my head tonight to once again try the ORIGINAL (supposedly broken) DVD drive while it is hanging out (with the laptop disassembled), like I did with the other two junks I bought, to make sure they really don't work and aren't just being pinched by the case.

Whew. What a journey.

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The computer is looking kinda funky, resting on the back of it's screen with the keyboard up in the air so that the DVD drive be in there and not fall out with the bottom of the laptop disassembled. It's Frankenstein fantastic. But, it's alive. Typing on it is very weird, as is using the mouse touchpad while it's upright. To make matters worse, the keyboard could fall out at any moment cause it's not screwed to anything 'cause the bottom is off.

so buy a relatively cheap wireless keyboard and mouse. it doesn't have to be top of the line. as long as you have a USB port, you're golden...

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Nah. It worked. I even managed to mount it back into the laptop and screw the bottom back on. It just needed some technical chiropractics to get it back to normal, I guess. Best I can tell you is: god has a weird sense of humor.

It was all some kind of strange exercise in bipolar irritation.

So, sorry if I got all irate at ALL of ebay. It's only a fraction of the ebay popluation that is junky/scammy.

It's an interesting story, anyway. About how not to order sensitive parts of cheap on ebay. er sumthin.

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