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Hi, it's me.

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Hi it's me. I'm here because I wanted to blog about my nutitude. But I can't figure it out yet. I will.

I was diagnosed years ago with *clinical* depression. I don't take meds.. not for years and years but I probably should. I roller coaster for a week or two then i seem okay for about ohhhh maybe a year. When I hit bottom.. WOW. I make the dumbest decisions in my life.

I like myself somedays others I don't. I'm a disaster.

But WHO am I? no clue.

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Hi, and welcome to CrazyBoards. If you want to blog, just click on the "My Blog" thingy up above and fill in the blanks.

I do understand about people not wanting to take medication, but you might want to browse around in the forums about various meds and also therapy. A life is a terrible thing to waste, and there is help out there for anyone willing to seek it out.

I hope we can help you create a better life for yourself.


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