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Hi all,

Most people here know that I'm suffering from some neurological infection, bug ID yet to be confirmed.

My biggest problem with this infection isn't the neuropsychiatric changes (it's like my HFA-issues got more severe) or even the walking issues and taking frequent trips down stairs.

It's the fever and fatigue.

I absolutely LOVE you know, being out of bed, getting out and about around town, and (I haven't been able to do this the past 15 months) actually working and GOD FORBID, having a life!!!

I mean really, I'm not even 25, one would think I was entitled to those things...

...but if I'm "alive" for more than 3 hours in any single day, I pay dearly for it over the next 48 hours... having to sleep for 14+ hours, feeling as if lead weights are tying me to my bed. I actually haven't gotten out of bed yet, having gone to bed around 2AM last night. I'm going to be lucky if I get to changing into street clothes on days like this. (I was a little too active on the new Wii we'd gotten yesterday... the sports package Wii Tennis game is a REALLY serious workout if you're an actual tennis player and swing the thing like a real racket.)

Now... after those 48 hours, my fever spikes up a bit higher (closer to 101F instead of 99.5-100.0F). Then comes the severe nausea (for some reason, a Remeron SolTab will terminate that and prevent vomiting, so I'm lucky that way).

But it's the "leadweighted" feeling I ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY HATE. It just gets worse and worse all the time, requiring less effort on my behalf to trigger it. It used to require several days' worth running around (this was more than a year ago). Now, 3 hours does the trick. Three hours out and having a life means two days of life lost.

I know that my disorder is similar to CFS/CFIDS (and the incorrect British moniker of it, ME, "myalgic encephalitis"), and want to know if those here with CFS/CFIDS/ME have similar problems with having great excitement about having a life and being very angry that it's not possible due to the resulting fatigue and other physical symptoms and derive no pleasure whatsoever from passively lying in bed.

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i can only relate to your leadweighted feeling you describe because i suffer frequently from manic lows that definitely leave me feeling very similar to what you described. i wish i had some really insightful tidbit to offer but the only thing i have to help with the feeling is a new prescription for adderall. it's actually been quite helpful most days. some days i can take it and still not get out of bed and usually take a nap...

anyway, what i really related to in your post was the Wii tennis. when i am feeling "able" i've been playing with my neighbors(highly competitive!) and it's actually been enjoyable!

i really hope something positive happens for you soon with your medical condition!

take care....

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