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Can you name this sleep disorder?

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This may not be a sleep disorder - yet - but my "normie" husband has it and has always had it.  When he gets sleepy for bedtime (by 10 or 11), he literally sounds DRUGGED but he's not. And you can't wake him up. He talks with a slur! He can barely make it to the bedroom! There have been a few actual emergencies where we could not wake him up or he just refused, unless it was 3 am. Also, he wakes up too early.

I think he has Advanced Phase Sleep Syndrome because his mom got that when she was older, and back then of course no one knew about sleep disorders. She could not stay awake in the evenings and would get up way too early.

I have Delayed Phase, and I sleep from 2 or 3am to 12 noon, and my husband thinks I'm the laziest ass he's ever known. It is definitely not a socially acceptable disorder!

I say he has something wrong with him to act so drugged when he's not (he's not on ANY pills, nor does he drink). Has anyone ever seen this in a "normal" person?

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Um, no.  But it's nice to have someone who has a SO with a freaky sleep disorder!  Mine has parasomnia.

I have nothing to help you. ;) However, good luck.  I finally took my guy to a sleep disorder clinic if you have one around you.  They are usually affiliated with universities or major medical centers. 


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