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What up, crazy people?

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Hey y'all!

I'm a 20-year old biochem major with dreams of med school.

DX: It depends on the doctor. The latest is Bipolar II. In the past, it has been MDD, recurring MDD, suicidal MDD, regular Bipolar, Dysthymia, and "Neurotic Depression"

It has been four years since I graduated high school, two of which have been spent at college. But since I flunked calculus, I'm basically a freshman again. Hopefully, I can do better the second time around. For the aforementioned reason, I also want to pursue treatment aggressively.

Meds: I've taken Wellbutrin, which did something, but not a whole lot. I also tried Lexapro; gave me diarrhea, and jaw clenching, but not a whole lot. Another time when I complained of lack of concentration, motivation, and focus, along with excessive sleepiness, I was given Adderall. Helped, but again, not a big difference.

With the latest diagnosis, the current med I'm taking is Lamictal (still titrating... yay!) and Seroquel at bedtime.

Anything else? If you're curious, feel free to ask.

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