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There's a well-known phenomenon with anti-psychotics, described as sensitization of the dopaminergic circuits in the brain. What this means is that once you stop these CrazyMeds, you'll probably end up crazier. But unfortunately, as there's virtually no innovation in the drug inductry, it means that for at least the next 10 years, these will be the "gold standard." No one gives a shit about the gultamate hypothesis, because it doesn't make money. No interest in 5-HT3 antangonists. Not a hoot about the infectious hypothesis. Not even a raspy fart about caseine and gluten allergy. They're not the moneymakers. AP's are.

Well, all of that doesn't concern me 'cause I'm not schizo or psycho. I think. I hope against hope. Anyways, I was recently prescribed Seroquel (25 to 75 mg at bedtime, and 25 mg for daytime agitation, as needed.) At first, it kicked my ass. Hard. The first night I took it, the next day all I did was sleep, and when I woke up for a few hours, eat. After a few days, as I got used to the medication, I noticed that in the daytime, I had a lot of energy. Okay, it's possible that this was due to my strict 9 PM bedtime, and waking up at 5 or 6 AM and not napping. It's possible, but...

This was a different kind of energy. Not zombified focus like Adderall. There was no jitteriness. It was like I had a wellspring of energy that I could tap into, whenever I needed it, and use it. But then I felt my thoughts racing... out of control... and that scared me! Now I take it on alternating nights only, or pulse the doses (25 one night and 50 the next.)

Do you think it's possible that due to the short half-life of Seroquel, it's resulting in sensitization of my dopaminergic neurons, and in the absence of dopamine-antagonist effects (due to the short half life), it results in subjective feelings of high energy and racing thoughts? More importantly, will I go crazy if I take 25 mg of Seroquel (and no more than 25) every night?

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Well, I hate to see a post go by with no reply, although I'm not sure I can totally answer your question. I take 400 mg Seroquel every night for sleep plus to control my mania. I've been on it for close to a year now, and if I went off it I would go loony--not because of the drug, but because I am bipolar.

Lower doses seem to be more sedating for most people. I get good sleep on 400 mg. I think I'm probably less energetic during the day than before I went on it, but it beats hell out of being manic.

Seroquel seems to be one of those drugs people either love or hate. I can't say I loved it from day 1, but it's the only thing that's ever really worked on my mania, so I've learned to love it.



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