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i have a new PDOC as of this Sept-hopefully someone who listens to me and thinks out of the box-i admit a bit nervous after being with same one for 4 yrs, but i wasnt improving and my periods between depressions were getting shorter...she DX me as BP2, and I am not sure thats right--i've seem to be dysmthia? more than anything

the only antidepressant that worked was effexor, but it shot my Blood pressure thru the roof. so iam now only on Wellbutrin 150sr as a antidepressant, along w/the others listed

i did get Deplin this past Fri, and so far major gas and poor sleep, i do take it in am..i do admit, i am inpatient when it comes to my meds and already doubting this Deplin. i thought i read it takes away from my Depakote?

hoping its not affecting my sleep because iam tired as all hell during day

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