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Hi there!

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Hi all,

I thought I would drop a line to introduce myself. The fifty words or less version is:

I have struggled my entire life with "issues" and never sought help. I've been a cutter for nearly fifteen years - have struggled with eating disorders, and go through just about every emtion possible in the course of a day. I finally saw a psychiatrist last friday who is treating me for Borderline Personality Disorder. Finally I have a name for the crazy that is me. I stumbled upon this board accidentally, but am so glad I did!

Looking forward to meeting you all,


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I'll bet you are tired of that

as I was,when I was younger,

it became a nom de guerre,

being how I was knee-deep

in felonies (cannibis related)

Anyway welcome

to the Boards,

I won't call you Red again. ;)


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