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JAMA research article on suicide

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Vol. 293 No. 20, May 25, 2005

Original Contribution

Trends in Suicide Ideation, Plans, Gestures, and Attempts in the United

States, 1990-1992 to 2001-2003

Ronald C. Kessler, PhD; Patricia Berglund, MBA; Guilherme Borges, PhD;

Matthew Nock, PhD; Philip S. Wang, MD, DrPH

JAMA. 2005;293:2487-2495.


Little is known about trends in suicidal ideation, plans, gestures, or

attempts or about their treatment. Such data are needed to guide and

evaluate policies to reduce suicide-related behaviors.


To analyze nationally representative trend data on suicidal ideation,

plans, gestures, attempts, and their treatment.

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