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Meds ain't workin' and I'm sinkin' fast

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Hi--  Current Cocktail:  AM paxil 50

                                      wellbutrin 300

                                PM  abilify 10

                                      trazodone 50

        other meds tried: trileptal, seroquel

    I have had a long history of depression that medication helped significantly, then last summer I had my first ever giant, scary 3 month long manic episode and dx was changed to bipolar.  I never want to see that monster again. Since then no medication had helped--I'm basically agoraphobic--rarely leave the house because of anxiety. I must have the severest form of depression.  I can't imagine anyone being as depressed as I am.

      I'm so depressed that I actually feel as if my meds are doing nothing.  On prozac I had such a full life and was an advocate of meds for people who need them.  Now, well, it all seems like a sham.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.



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Hi Lili,

Sorry to hear about your depression, I've been there, believe me. Also have the giant life altering manias, yuuch.

Please check with your pdoc before doing any thing. That said.

According to crazy meds, maybe you could try to add some wellbutrin at night. It may help the depression, also trying the abilify in the am may help as it is activating in some cases. Another option to discuss with the doc is Lamictal. It has good antidepressant qualities for bipolar. That is if you don't get "the rash". I am on it & it is really quite good.

Remember I'm no pdoc, just tried a lot of meds.

Hang in there & keep trying stuff till you get something to help you. It sucks, but it is worth it.

Please keep trying, I know it is hard to even get up to brush your teeth right now, but you are strong, dammit.

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Based on what you've said about anxiety and agoraphobia, maybe you need tsomething that will address your anxiety more directly. You've already tried Seroquel, but even a benzo might be very useful to you.

As for meds -- I agree that Lamictal might be worth looking into, it has anti-depressant effects and should help keep that big bad mania at bay. There are also lots of other meds, including some very new ones, you could try. Have you given Effexor a spin? Or perhaps Cymbalta (the newest)? You can also go back to some of the older meds, which are as effective as the newer ones, they're just more likely to have annoying side effects.

Hope you find something soon!


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