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Place to say "hello"?

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Is this an okay place to say hello?

It seems awfully organised round here ;)

I deren't put my post where its not wanted!

If it is the right place *waves* hello

I'm really happy to have found a board like this, it seems to have the right atmosphere about it and I think its a hell of a more productive (AND POSITIVE) thing to be doing on the internet rather than being on myspace or scanning pro-ana eating disorder forums, which I regret to say I have been attached to in the past and only fuelled my griefs, that are alot deeper rooted than just how I look.

The mind is a fucking werid thing.

I hope to be one of the chatty ones here.

It'll be a relief to talk about things I rarely utter a truthful word about in day-to-day life.

Much love. x

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Dont' fret, you're close enough. Yes, it's organized, amazing for such a crazy crew around here. Welcome, I hope you find the support you need. There's a good ED board, be sure and check it out.

A mod will be around shortly to welcome you too.

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Wrong place!


bad start.


Aw, screw it! No need to feel bad. We do have very sharp admins/mods who keep things running remarkably smoothly. Especially when you consider they are all, well, like the rest of us, crazier than shithouse rats. ;)

Seriously, don't worry and do post often!



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