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does depakote cause weight gain?

Depakote can cause weight gain, certainly. In some folks, weight gain appears dose dependent, meaning you are more likely to gain weight at higher doses.

Some reports are coming in that depakote ER (the extended release) can cause less weight gain than previous versions.

You can read all about depakote and weight gain issues at psycheducation.org, which has a lot of good information about various mood stablizers.

Has your appetite increased as well? Sometimes diet/exercise can take care of it.


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There are no absolutes with out meds. You may gain weight, you may not.

On the other hand, Depakote may turn out to be a wonder drug for you that lets you return to stability, and enjoy life again.

Don't focus on side effects you aren't even experiencing yet. Deal with them as they come.

Best, a.m.

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