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anger on change of avanza/mirtazapine

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Ok this isn't that strange for me, but anger, extreme anger today.

I changed from 60mg Avanza to 30mg Avanza.

I had to go to a social security tdoc interview this morning.

I was so very angry, pushing people out of the way, at least 3 people, if one of them had've spoken back I would've got violent. I know myself, I know when I'm in this mood, the last time was when i had Effexor and they locked me up in the hospital.

I hope this doesn't last... In moments like this I keep myself at home away from others. It's so uncontrolable, I feel like someone else has control of my body.

ergh... this sucks.

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ergh... I just went out to the supermarket, I have no food, when I was walking back there was a real estate inspection flag which I considered in my way. So I pulled it out, threw it across the road and the real estate guy was behind it. I pushed him, he fell down and told him to get fucked.


This is why I try to keep inside by myself! :)

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