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I hate people


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How fair do you think a person can be when you have a past and this person had a degree of power over you?

I am complaining about my neighbors. They fight. A lot.

I finally went into the office to say something. The manager, who I have a past with, told me that people have been complaining about my cat.

Ok. Fine. I will find her a new home.

It seems to me that the fact that people complain about my cat could have been brought up at another time. Because bringing it up when I am lodging a report about noisey neighbors just makes it seem like I can't complain because he's got something on me. Like who the fuck am I to say something about excessive noise when apparently I have a noise problem myself.

I don't think that I will ever get fair treatment here. I'm just the whackjob in the building.

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I can't write too much at the moment (am supposed to be somewhere, soon) but I saw this post, and just wanted to say

2 things:

1) Screw 'em (not literally, but you know what I mean)

What's that phrase? Oh yeah - "Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down" - this office manager sounds like one. Try to not let it get to you too much. They don't sound efficient or diplomatic, in particular (to me.)

and -

2) HUGs! HUGs!

I hope you feel better soon.

- Susan

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she makes enough noise and I quote "I can hear her". That's what the manager said.

And pleasemakeitstop:

I used to be intimate with this person. He's my ex. Which is why I don't think I'll ever get treated fairly here.

B said he can hear my cat cry. But when the neighbors fight, I guess he can't hear that. Which IMO, would be much louder. Cuz ya know, she's screaming and slamming doors.

But whatever.

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I can talk to his boss. But if they are complaining about me, I think it won't look good.

Besides, what would I say? I guess I could say I think it was unprofessional to bring up the complaints about me at the same time. Will I end up looking like a jilted ex? Probably.

I can move. But I would need to find low income housing. And there is a long wait list for that. My application here for a one bedroom is still at least a year away from being dealt with.

It just seems tricky. I feel like because I'm the ex, I'm less than any other resident. I still have a leak under my kitchen sink. I reported it in may.

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Yeah that would be his distric manager.

But she's not very nice and will most likely side with him.

Actually, to tell you the truth I don't like her at all. She comes across as arrogant and self righteous.

I don't know what I would say anyway.

say "listen bitch, i've got some noisy neighbors and the dumbass you hired to sit behind the counter at the front office is being a lazy ass and won't do anything about it. so you need to get off your ass and talk to these people"

or you could always go the polite route. ;)

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Oh, how I wish I could call her and tell her that. She needs to be smacked down off her pedal stool. I think I would get into big time trouble if I did that though.

I think I may have found a solution to shakti meowing at night. Her feeding schedule is like this. In the mornings I feed her a packet of wet food. When she asks, I clean out her bowl and give her crunchies. She eats at that for the rest of the day until the morning time. Of course, I change the bowl if it sits there too long.

Well tonite she was up meowing. So I gave her another packet of wet food.

And she's sleeping on the bed at my feet.

She must be getting hungry because she doesn't like the crunchy food. I bought a different brand this month. I think she prefers the good life brand by purina.

The wet food would be more costly to give her more than one packet a day. But if I can keep her, it will be worth it.

Ok. That was short lived.

I'm driving her out to the pound tomorrow. I know the "you have to give up your cat" speech is right around the corner.

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if after all this, loosing your cat and all, they don't cooperate with you, i will PERSONALLY make an appearance to beat the crap out of that idiot of a property manager. well probably not, but my intentions are there and i would if i could. if i were a super hereo i would dress in all latex so these douche bag men think that there in for a treat when in reality i would whip their asses so hard their crack would become their whole.

alas, that is but a pipe dream. this sucks.

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i avoid people.

but for this, i would check with nieghbours that might bhear fighting.

maybe paper complaint from many would be better than the you only

if there are many.

black kitty and white kitty live with my old landlord now.

mom wouldnt let cats come home here.

moms dead and they are happy.

paper complaints is better.

make copies for proof.

write to district about leak

damage to apt. is more money out.

mold, tec...

check law on renters things that are needed.


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