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Adderall vs adderall xr vs vyvanse

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What is the proper dose of each ir adderall, xr adderall, and vyvanse? The recommended by the book high dose?

What is the main difference in adderall and vyvanse? how much adderall is equal to how much vyvanse?

If vyvanse seems to have stopped working at 50mg and 70 makes me anxious, should I try adderall again?

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I take Adderall IR.

60 mgs a day divided into 3 doses of 20 mgs per dose.

My pdoc stated that 60 mg is the max and that is the dose typically reserved for narcolepsy patients.

I've been on that dose for 7 or 8 years now.

Never needed more and some days I either don't take the 4pm dose or only half the 4pm dose.

Never tried Vyvanse.

Did try Straterra.

Straterra made me cycle like a sonuvamahbitch.

But I wasn't stable when the pdoc tried Straterra.

Sorry I'm not much help.

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