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Just started Luvox...

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Hi, I just started Luvox in addition to Lamictal. Initial dose is 50mg at night. I asked about this drug, and my doctor recommended prescribed this due to major depression swing and also for OCD & other symptoms of low serotonin. My OCD involves repetitive words/thoughts, checking things frequently, and narrowed interests.

I was also prescribed some Seroquel PRN for sleep. I have bad insomnia. I took 75mg that night with no help. I still woke up after 2 hours ruminating on bad thoughts. Then I took another 25mg and still woke up every 30min. I didn't feel tired next day. Due to lingering bad depression during next day, I took an Ability (2.5mg) that I had leftover from previous trial. But. first time I took it, dose was too high (10mg; akathisia) so I wanted to try it again at lower dose. It helped clear my mind fairly quickly. It also seems like low dose of this should boost Luvox.

Does anybody know what the average final dose of Luvox is for first depression and then OCD?

Any side effects to expect?

Has anyone taken this? What are your experiences with this and how was the efficacy?

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i was on luvox for some seven years, and for four or five of those seven years almost all of my ocd was in remission - and i was in high school and the first part of college then so i didn't really pay much attention to the meds.  the highest i was on was about 200 mg.  i'd say that's about standard for ocd, but pdocs mentioned going up to as high as 300 mg.  most of the past few years i was on it i was at about 150 mg.  its half life is only sixteen hours though, so if you only take it once a day you're probably going to experience a dip at the other end of the day.

i never really had many bad side effects with luvox other than the jaw grinding which got pretty bad, but wearing a splint and following the exercises my dentist told me to do to relax my jaw muscle neutralized taht a bit.  the one important thing i would say to watch out for is the caffeine interaction.  jerod's page has a link to a study confirming the interaction (it can make one cup of coffee equal to about five or six, and it stays in your system 8-10 hours as opposed to 2-3 for a normal person)  the same enzymes in the liver that metabolize luvox, metabolize caffeine so i guess when you're taking it your liver just can't metabolize both so the caffeine just keeps circulating forever and forever inside you.  wish a pdoc would have given me a heads up about this when i was on it, but i didn't get any sort of words of warning until i'd been on it for five years.  i wasn't any kind of caffeine junkie previously, but anything that can give you caffeine intoxication is probably not good for you over the long run.  maybe for most people it isn't that big of a deal, but i'd watch out for it if you drink a lot of coffee.  if you feel really good its probably not the luvox working, its the astronomically high levels of caffeine inside your system.  its why i refuse to try luvox again.  mostly bitterness against stupid pdocs i guess.

anyways, i probably didn't brighten up your picture of the med any, sorry.  i'd say its a pretty good med.  it was probably a better med when they had the brand name still on the market, but know all they have are the generics.  the original manufacturer must not have been too happy with its market penetration.  long and short of it is:  luvox = good med, but keep an eye out for short half life and caffeine interaction. 

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