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switching from regular seroquel to XR

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my pdoc switched me to seroquel XR after taking regular seroquel for the last several months.

she didnt switch me for any other reason other than she didnt have any samples of the regular and only had free XR samples.

i dont have any insurance so shes been supplying me with samples since i started it.

the thing is the regular samples were for 300mg and she had me splitting them so i would only take 150mg a night. she wants me to do this with the XR, but it says not to split them. but she doesnt want me taking 300mg, just 150mg.

its what she had for free so she said try it and see how it goes.

anyway, splitting aside, whats the difference between regular and XR?

thanks in advance! ;)

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This is probably besides the point now..

But I really didn't notice a difference between standard and XR. The idea is that it stays steady in your system instead of maxing and waning, but I didn't notice a difference between taking 300mg XR at night or the Standard (split during the day or all at once at night). I've heard that splitting the XR will actually turn it into standard release.. how true that is, I don't know. But my main point is that it will either be exactly the same taking half the XR, or it could hit more subtlely and last longer.

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