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Holy Effexor Dreams Batman!

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I am currently taking 225 of Effexor every morning. My pdoc has me on a higher dose than I have tried before. Although it does seem to be relieving the depression, I have noticed a bunch of new and improved side effects. For one, I can't sleep through the night. When I told her this, pdoc gave me Trazadone to help. I have noticed that the Effexor wires me out, so the Trazadone helps me sleep and takes some of the edge off the jitters.

So I have been on the 225 of Effexor and about 25 of Trazadone for about a month now. So far, so good. Yesterday I had a cold, slept a lot and forgot to take my meds 'til late in the day. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep if I took them after 1 pm, I thought "Hmm, guess I will take them first thing in the morning".  So I pop the Trazadone and try to go to sleep. Then the fun began!!!

It took a while to get to sleep. I had some of the most vivid nightmares of my life, made worse by the Trazadone making me feel like I was being "pulled under". I woke up once crying, and woke up my finacee, who patted me and said "I'm here, it's OK". I was also delivering full monlogues in my sleep, because at 2 am he went to sleep on the couch because I kept him up with my non-stop talking. Even after waking up this morning, I can't tell what things were nightmares and what were hallucinaitons.

Today I feel like dog poop scraped off the bottom over a shoe, then knocked into a sewer drain. I can't believe missing one day of Effexor would do that!!! Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have read that Effexro withdrawl can cause abnormal dreams, but this was pretty intense.

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seroquel is a common one for vivid dreams, is trazadone and antipsychotic too??? could be your culprit

the downside:

vivid scarry dreams dont just keep you from sleeping, they also exhaust you emotionally

the plus side:

vivid happy dreams leave you feeling great

i say if your dreams are continually bad ones, consult you doctor (but of course you should mention the side effect regardless)

take care


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