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you've got mail.  My name is Another BP.  I guess I might be type I now since I had a screwed up psychosis. 

I surfed to crezymeds from google to try to diagnose myself becasue the Doc in the hospital wasn't getting paid enough to do so.

I thought I had psychotic depression or schizophrenia.  Then I thought anxiety.  Then diagnosed @ ER.  Oh yeah...

I've been known to steal stuff because I can't think of anything new.

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hi anotherbp,

i'm another-not-bp, or grouse for short. which i am actually. goodness me, cosmic coincidences are rife at the moment.

is the rabbit included? oh wait. 'rabbit not included'. rats.

anyway. diagnosed in ER? man, i feel for you. that must have been so scary. are you feeling better now with your meds?

i found crazymeds EXACTLY the same way you did. googling. thank you thank you thank you google.

and i would love to stone dr. phil too! oh wait, that's not what you meant. whoops.

ah well, welcome to cb.


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