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Anyone tried lamictal, seroquel, and lithium?

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i am about to embark on a new cocktail journey:

currently taking:

150 lamictal, 75 am, 75 pm

300mg seroquel, 100am,  200 pm

1-2 mg klonopin

adding 150mg lithium carbonate capsule at night to start and possibly just titrating to 300 or 600 maximum end dosage.  we shall see....?  anyone tried these four in relatively low doses of each?  Should I lower the seroquel (whch makes me sleep, but also makes me feel dumb as shit), increase the lamictal (although it increases the rage factor)?  These are the reasons I have decided to put one more in the mix (the problems with rage, and major depression, etc)...

any suggestions/experiences/advice?


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Lithium 750/Lamictal 100/Wellbutrin 100/Seroquel 25.  I'm coming at this from the other direction; lithium was first.  I was on .5 Klonopin back in the day, before the Lamictal and Seroquel, but thought daily use was depressing.

Can't speak to decreasing Seroquel (am hardly taking any myself) or increasing Lamictal (wheee! ghosts! bugs! Darth Vader!), but have found lithium quite effective for both anger and the agitated, self-destructive sort of depression.

Controlled-release lithium is friendlier than immediate-release.

Good luck,


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I'd say try it all first, then if there's any bad effects, change what seems to be causing the effects, vs. whatever is helping you best (assuming the lith helps).

Until you've tried it, I wouldn't sweat changing any dosages, unless that happens to be the plan from the get-go.

On the other hand, once the lith is good, you might try dropping the Seroquel down or out--I've noticed a lot of, well, mood "flatness" since I started it about a month ago.  Only ever use Seroquel for sleep and the *occasional* calmer-downer, though.  Throwing Klonopin into the mix as needed...well, I dunno.

Still, too, if you need to up the Lamictal for depression and *that* causes rage, well, mebbe the lith'll help.  But hey, I say throw it all in the blender and see what comes out first!

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That's almost the cocktail I'm on for unipolar depression.  900mg lithium (which puts me at about .7), 100mg of seroquel, and 200mg of lamictal, and 150mg Wellbutrin.

I added the lithium about 2 months ago and I'm not religious, but I sure do want to say it's been a miracle.  Outside of a few really busy/stressful workdays, I've felt better than I've felt in a long time.    I don't know that I've ever felt this good for this long ever.  I know many people (including me) are worried to start LI because of side effects, but from where I am now, I could take on twice as much peeing and trembling and I still wouldn't consider going off it.

I think barring any sort of emergency, I would only change one med at a time--give yourself a chance to adjust to the new med before making a new change.  I haven't felt any of the "mental dulling" associated with LI, though I might just be too dumb to notice. ;)   But I've read around here that many people feel Lamictal helps with that side effect, so who knows.  At any rate, Lamictal's role won't really change if you add LI, except to the extent that it controls side effects.  Do I'd say don't raise it until you see how the side effects are with LI, then if you're doing well, you can think about lowering the Lamictal.

As for the Seroquel, I think that depends on why you're taking it.  For me, the primary purpose has been to put me to sleep, and mood stabilization was secondary.  In some people, LI can take over the role of putting you to sleep, but not for others.

Be excited about the Lithium.  It may not work, but when it does work, it works really well!

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This is my cocktail, sort of, except in very different proportions. Lithium was my basis, but once we added lamictal we made them partners, bringing the Li down a bit after Lammy titrated up. The Seroquel I use at a very low dose, mostly just for sleep or when I _really_ feel I need to be put down. Very PRN.

As a mood stabilizing combination I'd say these can't be beat. Be aware that Li and Seroquel overlap somewhat in their side effects. Possible you'll be flat as a pancake and fat as a chili dog.

Of course, YMMV. (Now to be my official signature).

Good luck


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